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Conveying Good Will: Conveyor Safety Tips for Industrial Workers

Hi, my name is Brooke, and I used to run the HR department in a factory. I filed a lot of injury reports and helped a tragic number of people make claims for workers' compensation or WorkCover. In many cases, the accidents involved convener belts. By seeing what not to do, I really learned what should be done in terms of conveyor safety. I love writing and wanted to convey some good will to the world through a blog – I also love puns. In this space, I plan to post on conveyor belt safety as well as other posts related to a range of industrial equipment. I hope these posts help to protect you and your workers.

Conveying Good Will: Conveyor Safety Tips for Industrial Workers

    Reasons to Institute Predictive Electrical Maintenance for Your Industrial Motors

    As long as you run an industrial business, you likely utilise a vast selection of machinery that are outfitted with motors. Motors, irrespective of the type of equipment, function to convert electrical energy into mechanical power that enables the machinery to perform the various jobs that they are tasked with. Hence, if the motor fails, you should expect to experience complete equipment failure too! With that in mind, electrical maintenance is a critical part of running a successful business.

    Important Commercial Air Conditioning Considerations

    Providing clients or customers with quality service is vital to the success of any business. Keeping the interiors of offices, shops and other commercial buildings cool and comfortable during business hours is imperative in this regard. Air conditioning installation has become a staple in modern commercial buildings.  While no single type of air conditioner that can meet the cooling requirements of all businesses, there's a suitable unit for every business. Before choosing an air conditioner to cool your commercial space, here are a number of critical questions you need to ask yourself:

    Warden's Responsibilities as Part of an ECO

    Any occupants of buildings who have been appointed as wardens in a designated emergency control organisation, or ECO, have a number of responsibilities that they need to consider. Before becoming a fully fledged warden certain training is required. Often, this includes fire safety training that will be conducted on the site. First aiders and designated emergency communication officers will often also receive this sort of fire training which focusses on what to do when an ECO needs to be evacuated.

    Five Tips to Keep in Mind When Shopping for New Mobile Home Windows

    New windows can help to boost the efficiency of your mobile home, and there are several things you should keep in mind as you look for new windows. Before shopping, check out this list of tips: 1. Find out if you have a nail fin. In order to determine which sort of windows you need for your mobile home, you have to determine if your home has a nail fin.

    A Few Important Tips for Taking Good Care of Your Power Tools

    If you've recently purchased your first set of power tools, you'll want to ensure you take good care of them. High-quality tools are meant to last for years, but of course the more care you take to maintain them, the longer they'll last and the better they'll perform. Note a few simple but very important tips for taking good care of your power tools. Replace the brushes Most power tools will have two brushes, which are actually more like springs, on either side of their motor.

    Common Causes of Pump Seal Failure

    Have you been incurring a high cost to replace the pump seals in your industrial equipment? Read on and find out some of the reasons that could explain those frequent pump seal failures. Use this information to make the needed changes in order to address the specific factors that were contributing to the pump seal failures in your equipment. Use of Wrong Seals Pump seals can fail prematurely because the wrong seals were selected for the application.

    3 Possibilities For Lighter Aeroplanes In The Near Future

    The weight of an aeroplane is often a major issue of concern for aircraft manufacturers. This is because the weight of the plane is often directly proportional to its fuel efficiency. Over the years, aircraft manufacturers have continued to develop practical ways to make lighter (therefore more fuel efficient) planes. As a student aeronautical engineer, you should reasonably expect to work with lighter materials once you're done with school. Here's why.

    Some Terminology to Learn When Buying Your Own Fencing Supplies

    It's not impossible for a homeowner to erect their own fence around their yard, or to get replacement supplies and make repairs to damaged slats, cut wires, and the like. However, before you shop, you would do well to understand some basic terms you might come across at the home improvement store. This will ensure you get the right supplies for your fence and know what to buy, as needed.