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Conveying Good Will: Conveyor Safety Tips for Industrial Workers

Hi, my name is Brooke, and I used to run the HR department in a factory. I filed a lot of injury reports and helped a tragic number of people make claims for workers' compensation or WorkCover. In many cases, the accidents involved convener belts. By seeing what not to do, I really learned what should be done in terms of conveyor safety. I love writing and wanted to convey some good will to the world through a blog – I also love puns. In this space, I plan to post on conveyor belt safety as well as other posts related to a range of industrial equipment. I hope these posts help to protect you and your workers.

Conveying Good Will: Conveyor Safety Tips for Industrial Workers

Advice on keeping your air conditioning unit well maintained

by Ceyda Graumans

There are a few different components of an air conditioning unit that need to be cleaned and regularly maintained. This will ensure that the unit will work efficiently and will not encounter any problems that will shorten the life of the unit. If you fail to conduct the necessary maintenance, the performance of the air conditioning unit will gradually decline, using more energy and having a shorter life. If your unit hasn't been serviced in many years, it can be a good idea to have an air conditioning services professional to conduct a comprehensive service of the unit. You should implement a periodic maintenance protocol. Here is some advice on how to keep your air conditioning unit well maintained.


The number one component that affects the performance of an air conditioning unit is to consistently clean or replace the filters in your unit. Filters that are dirty and clogged will severely reduce the effectiveness of the unit. This is due to the fact that the normal air flow is restricted, with the air that bypasses the filters possibly carrying dirt and other debris. This obstruction also makes the unit work harder, resulting in increased energy costs and a higher electricity bill as a result. Regularly cleaning the filters will cut down on these costs.

The filters are normally located along the length of the return duct. These are usually in ceilings, walls and the actual air conditioning unit. Most houses have filters that are mounted in the grill of the air conditioning entrances. Certain type of filters can be re used once cleaned while others can only be used once. At times of the year when the air conditioning is being constantly used, the filters need to be replaced every month or two. At these times of year, the air is often full of dust which increases the work of the filter.


The evaporator and condenser coil of the air conditioner accumulates dirt over time. When you have a clean filter, the coils will not get as dirty. The dirt affects the coil by reducing its ability to absorb heat. Therefore, you need to check the evaporator coil annually and clean it if needed. Condensers that are located outside will need to be cleaned more regularly. The lawn mower, leaves and other debris can affect it outside. Therefore, you should ensure that the area around the outside vents is clear and all foliage is cleared away enough so that air can flow around the condenser.