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Conveying Good Will: Conveyor Safety Tips for Industrial Workers

Hi, my name is Brooke, and I used to run the HR department in a factory. I filed a lot of injury reports and helped a tragic number of people make claims for workers' compensation or WorkCover. In many cases, the accidents involved convener belts. By seeing what not to do, I really learned what should be done in terms of conveyor safety. I love writing and wanted to convey some good will to the world through a blog – I also love puns. In this space, I plan to post on conveyor belt safety as well as other posts related to a range of industrial equipment. I hope these posts help to protect you and your workers.

Conveying Good Will: Conveyor Safety Tips for Industrial Workers

3 Air Conditioner Solutions for Full-time Caravan Living

by Ceyda Graumans

A popular lifestyle choice for green living enthusiasts is full-time caravan living. There is a misconception that this type of lifestyle means giving up things that give you comfort. For example, some people may have the misconception that air conditioning is not adaptable to the caravan lifestyle. The truth is, air conditioning is one of the comfort items that you can have in your caravan if you know what type of air conditioner to purchase. Here are a few air conditioner solutions to consider for your full-time caravan lifestyle.

Portable Air Conditioner

A portable air conditioner can run off of electrical or solar battery backup. This is ideal if you want to have the cooling power of a traditional window unit air conditioner with the mobility of a box style fan. Portable air conditioners use a condenser that turns the heat into cold air as it processes through the unit. These are ideal for smaller spaces like caravans since they are made for small bedrooms, offices, or smaller spaces. 

Rooftop Air Conditioner

A rooftop air conditioner is designed to take up as little space as possible in the caravan while delivering the most air flow possible to the main area of the cabin. This type of air conditioner alternative can also be operated on electrical or solar backup. This makes it ideal if you are living at a caravan park or if you want to go off the grid and need a quiet, reliable, air conditioner that can operate off solar power.

Split System Units

A split system air conditioner for caravans holds several benefits. One of the benefits is the ability to hide the system within the caravan rather than have a portable unit or a rooftop unit that is visible. The second benefit to having a split system unit is the ability to cool the entire cabin of the caravan rather than just the sleeping area or the front area.

A split system unit can be installed by most caravan dealerships and will likely come with some form of warranty. Professional installers can also help you determine where to place the components of the split system in order to gain the most advantage from the system.

These are just a few of the air conditioner solutions for full-time caravan living. If you are ready to purchase your air conditioner, and have it installed, contact companies like Air Comfort Co of Australia Pty Ltd.